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Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Environmental Impact Assessment service offers clients an investigation into issues that may be raised by the Local Planning Authority regarding the impact a proposal may have upon the wider environment, exploring solutions to satisfy these concerns. The scope of works can vary from site to site, our professional consultants will provide you with expert advice to meet your individual requirements.

Guidance in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment during the early stages of development often prevents future costly alterations or amendments to a proposal, in terms of time and investment, making it a valuable tool in the development process.

At AAH Planning Consultants, our Environmental Impact Assessment services include:

  • A site visit, to assess the surrounding environment, where necessary
  • Initial liaison with the Statutory Consultees and Local Planning Authority
  • Initial desk research of the site and surroundings
  • Compilation of all required elements of the Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Professional guidance to mitigate against potential objections

For more information or to speak to one of our consultants without obligation, please contact us.

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