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Planning Advice for Site Promotion

Our Site Promotion service is aimed at helping landowners, groups or individuals who are part of the site allocation process, to secure land allocation status. This includes land positioned for housing, employment uses, recreational or waste sites.

To give your site proposal the best chance of success it must be properly supported through each stage of the allocation process. AAH Planning Consultants can help you actively promote your site proposal using planning law and legislation to justify the main principles for development for the site to be included within the final land allocations. We can help at any stage; however, as with all planning matters our early involvement ensures the best chance of success. Our full service includes:

  • Preparation of all supporting documents, removing the hassle for you
  • Use of relevant national case law, to strengthen and support your LDF application
  • Liaison and negotiation with the statutory authorities to ensure your application is viewed in a favourable light
  • Development of a strategic plan of action to best promote your site proposal through the various stages of the process

For more information or to speak to one of our planning consultants without obligation, please contact us.

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